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Gut And Special Children (Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome)

by Dr Rajiv Sharma January 30, 2018

Gut And Special Children (Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome)

Autism is a RISING EPIDEMIC of neurodevelopmental disorders that affects children typically around their second birthday. There have been many potential talked about reasons for them but no hard evidence. It is a result of our environment interacting with our DNA and affecting the epigenetics i.e. working of the DNA. Environmental toxins, pollutants, stressors, infections, heavy metals, medications, radiation can affect the way DNA expresses itself thereby affecting the way body cells work and in this case the brain cells and synaptic transmission.

Per research studies in Autism following issues have been seen in most but not all children -

  1. Oxidative stress
  2. Defective methylation, sulfation and detoxification
  3. Anti neuronal antibody
  4. Heavy metal clearance issue
  5. Reduced glutathione levels
  6. Food intolerance
  7. Food allergies 

Breast feeding is very important as breast milk has short chain oligosaccarides, milk peptides that help maintain lower pH of the gut and hence promote proliferation of good gut microbes.

Children with ASD & Autism diagnosis should follow a very clean diet and live in a clean ecosystem. Their doctors, families and caregivers need to pay attention to other digestive health needs these kids might have. We must know that these children cannot communicate hence we need to look at the big picture and address any underlying gastrointestinal issues they might be suffering from or issues that could be making their health worse.

I have come across a lot of children with Autism who have constipation which could be sign of underlying digestive track issues such as slow gut motility, dysmotility or medication side effects. Underlying conditions such as anal fissure, Hirschsprung disease ( issue with nerve cells not developing in the lower gut). Perhaps adding fiber, probiotics, good bowel regimen to their diet may help their gut issues. I encourage the care givers to always think of GUT.

BUT Liver has a big role is detoxification as well so a good liver health is very important. I encourage cutting back on processed sugary foods that can cause fatty liver and liver inflammation. There is a lot of oxidative stress on our body systems so a DIET high in antioxidants, flavanoids, polyphenols and sulfur rich foods is key. Dietary supplementation with adequate amount of Glutathione, L Glutamine, N-acetyl Cysteine, Essential amino acids, Toxin free heavy metal free omega 3 fatty acids ( DHA, EPA, ALA), activated B vitamins and vitamin C is crucial. Our goal is to have PURE and CLEAN food molecules entering these children's body. Ensure that they drink adequate water & fluids. Alkalized water is shown to be beneficial as it helps to facilitate elimination of environmental toxins. Good probiotic & prebiotic supplementation to maintain gut health is very important.

I have seen that in patients with liver cirrhosis there is leaky gut and bacterial toxins cross across the leaky gut and can cause mental slowness and encephalopathy. In liver cirrhosis we use lactulose, rifaximin, zinc supplements to help against gut flora imbalance and leaky gut. Lactulose has worked miracles in cirrhosis patients and help them maintain awake fullness. We always ask the patients to take lactulose and titrate to 2-3 soft bowel movements a day.

Gluten Free/ casein free/ heavy metal free non toxic foods should be the first choice for these special children.

Read the fine print. Question the origin of these supplements. Buy from trusted source. Ask your healthcare providers to ensure you are buying quality. NOT ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE CREATED EQUAL.

These children are Fragile... HANDLE THEM WITH LOVE & CARE

Dr Rajiv Sharma
Dr Rajiv Sharma

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