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Frequently Asked Questions

Probiotic bacteria are live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host

Prebiotics are short chain sugar molecules that serve as food for probiotics


23- 26 feet

The products are reviewed & selected by a practicing physician Dr Rajiv Sharma, who is a board certified Gastroenterologist and has performed thousands of colonoscopies and endoscopies. He has seen and cared for Thousands of patients with Digestive health, Liver, Pancreas and bile related health issues. He is an Integrative Gastroenterologist who looks at the Whole person and uses complementary & alternative approach to give his patients and readers the most well rounded opinion.

Our manufacturing partner has been in business for 30 + years and pride themselves on high quality services, ethical practices and excellent customer service. They work with thousands of health care providers across the country
Our manufacturing partner exceeds GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications by being triple certified by three different third parties - the NPA (NNFA), NSF INTERNATIONAL AND TGA
According to FALCPA allergy labelling requirement (Food allergen labelling and consumer Protection Act of 2004), any supplements containing common allergens such as wheat, milk, soy, fish, crustacean shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and eggs must have that ingredient stated in plain English on the label as “ CONTAINS: Soy”, “contains: wheat,” and the like. FALCPA requires specific labeling of certain allergens such as tree nuts, fish, and shellfish- down to the species level ( “contains - sardines, mackerel”, or “contains : almonds and similar).
If the plain english statement is not found on the label, the product is formulated and manufactured away from these allergens. Our manufacturer also third-party certifies products and raw materials as gluten free (plainly label - stated as gluten-free).
Our manufacturer incorporates advanced Allergen Program associated to cross-contamination concern that includes extensive quality control procedures to ensure that products contain only those ingredients that are listed on the label; employing a meticulous process that allocates any common allergen ingredients to an isolated area of the manufacturing plant, making certain that they do not come into contact with other ingredients in the storage area.
Additionally, processing equipment is dedicated for allergen or non allergen ingredients to avoid the possibility of cross -contamination. Our manufacturer also has a validated cleaning process for equipment, utensils and flooring that includes a primary rinse, a special detergent rinse, sanitizing and drying. After this extensive process is complete, the equipment is swab tested for total organic residue and microbial residue.
These quality assurance procedures exceed cGMP requirements and are an example of Our commitment to excellence.

YES, if it is Gluten free we state it on the label. We believe in Clean label practices.

YES, if it is Non GMO it will state it on the label. We believe in Clean label practices.

YES, if it is vegetarian we state in on the label. We believe in Clean label practices.

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